The telecom industry is under constant pressure of providing quality services, 24x7. Staying connected has become one of the basic needs for most people.

As such, downtimes, call drops, network issues, and bad internet, even if it occurs for a short while becomes a reason for the customer to seek out competition and give them their business.

The impersonal nature and large volumes of orders and subscriptions handled by telecom companies make it impossible for them to personalize services and communication to customers.

In an era of mass customization, customers look forward to receiving the attention and recognition they are used to receiving from other industries.

With the MyAccoladez dashboards, companies in the Telecom industry can

Telecom companies can boost their customer interactions and usage data collection (with their consent) a bit more to understand the kind of content and service experience they would prefer.

This data will also give telecom companies an idea into the kind of loyalty programs and rewards that will work for their customers.

A healthy dose of surprise rewards, too, can help telecom companies retain their customers and not lose them to the competition.

Telecom companies can step up and provide their customers something more than a free internet package. They could offer a month’s subscription of a streaming platform, tickets to a game/concert, discount coupons for online shopping, and more such variable rewards to keep customers hooked to their brand.

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