Sales Incentives

Sales is inherently a high-pressure function marked by targets, competition, and the need to win more to gain more. Sales personnel continuously strive to close more deals in order to gain more commission and achieve those variables that keep them motivated.

Motivation plays a huge role in ensuring less burnout and more job satisfaction in a strenuous function like sales. Incentives help keep teams worked together in an efficient and focused manner and helps keep them growing stronger. In the process they create a robust customer and lead base for your company.

Each business has different metrics and KPIs based on which they calculate their sales performance and incentives. Therefore, a bespoke dashboard that suits each businesses sales and incentive criteria is important for the sales incentive program to meld into their current functions.

MyAccoladez helps businesses provides companies with customized dashboards and sales incentive programs that suit their particular needs.

The MyAccoladez dashboard allows you to completely brand the platform based on your company’s brand. It is also completely scalable and offers great user experience and a seamless user interface for all users to navigate seamlessly.

Along with the choice of customizing the platform based on your brand and metrics, MyAccoladez also provides a communication hub which allows employees to communicate, recognize each other’s efforts and also share achievements.

The right kind of reward and incentives program can help the business’s sales team:

  • Stay focused
  • Transform sales
  • Experience increased morale
  • Observe increased retention
  • Boost the business’ bottom line
  • Improve business’ overall potential
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