Our Partnerships and Alliances division works closely with you to help you create a winning R&R system and platform to boost motivation and productivity in your company. We understand that integrating an entire platform for rewards and recognition might seem like a daunting task for any company running at its 100% potential.

Therefore, our partnerships and alliances division make sure that they understand your requirement to a tee, and help design and deliver the MyAccoladez platform, completely customized for your business, followed by smooth implementation and execution.

Once the process is complete, all stakeholders will see the MyAccoladez platform, meld into your company’s functions. The easy to use and smooth user experience of the platform will ensure that your employees/ customers/ channel partners/ sales personnel, use the platform thoroughly and use it to its maximum potential.

What you get in return is a well-implemented R&R platform into your business that helps boost your employee’s morale, customer’s loyalty, and channel and sales partner’s initiative to help your company scale new heights.

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