Accoladez was established with the vision of helping companies boost growth and revenue, by mobilizing their most critical asset: their people. A company’s “people” do not only include its employees, but also its customers and channel partners. Together, this team plays a crucial role in determining how well a business does and how fast it grows.

Accoladez, as the name implies, has been designed and created with “People” as its focus. With our cutting-edge R&R platform, we hope to help businesses and brands:

  • Inspire their people by motivating them to achieve more
  • Foster loyalty towards brand and business
  • Create a strong bond with the business along with a sense of belonging
  • Reduce attrition by implementing all of the above

Partnering With Us

What You Can Achieve By Partnering With Us?

Irrespective of the industry you are operating in and the kind of product or service you are offering to the market, your business will gain manifold by adding a Rewards and Recognition initiative. It is THE One-Stop-Shop to get your key stakeholders:

  • Hooked to your brand
  • Feel connected to it
  • Work towards growing it, and
  • Get rewarded in the process.

Why Accoladez?

Accoladez offers a user-friendly experience for everyone who uses the dashboard. Its smooth interface is easy to navigate and there are no backend complications that you need to worry about managing.

It is as simple as vanilla and as feature-rich as a cassatta.

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