Pharmaceutical industry is one of the most competitive ones. With multiple competitors and limited shelf spaces, the tasks of on-field employees of pharmaceutical companies becomes extremely challenging.

Employees respond positively to any kind of recognition and like being acknowledged for the good work they are doing. Receiving the commission-based dollars in their account still feels like their earnings. There is nothing to differentiate them from being just an employee to be seen as an extraordinary employee.

The MyAccoladez platform can help you achieve this differentiation with

With the MyAccoladez dashboards, companies in the airlines industry can easily integrate a completely brandable, rewards and recognition platform into their existing website.

This easy to use platform will help managers keep track of the sales achieved by their field employees and celebrate their weekly and monthly achievements.

The AccoladezHub is yet another feature on the MyAccoladez dashboard that allows employees to login and communicate with each other.

It’s an online hub where accolades are publicly awarded, and peers and managers can acknowledge the achievements right there on the platform.

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