The IT industry has been one of the first industries to have recognized and invested in rewards and recognitions programs to boost motivation in their employees. This industry understands that recognizing good work and rewarding their well-performing employees is a fool proof way of battling one of its biggest problems – voluntary turnover.

Every employee can log into their own MyAccoladez platform, which is completely brandable and customizable, using their credentials. The easy to use and neat UI and UX allows employees and their managers to keep track of the points they have earned or rewarded, respectively.

With the MyAccoladez dashboards, companies in the IT industry can ;

The platform also provides access to its own MyAccoladez catalog that lists a range of rewards right from products and experiences, of your choosing, that your employees can get by simply redeeming their points.

The catalogue is sorted by gifts available based on their corresponding point value, which make it easier for employees through sort through the options, more easily.

The AccoladezHub is a communication hub that lets employees connect with each other like they would on a public social media platform.

However, this platform here is intranet and only accessible to employees, where they can connect, learn more about each other’s achievements, applaud them, and recognize each other’s exceptional work on projects and assignments.

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