It is important to keep employees motivated while they work under such high pressure by recognizing their efforts and rewarding them for the same. It helps employees, who are rewarded as well as, their colleagues to understand what constitutes rewardable and positive behavior for the company.

Continuous reinforcement of good performance through rewards and recognition, will keep employees motivated to continue their good work. This in the long term would spell growth through optimum and consistent performance of employees, as well as increased revenue.


With the MyAccoladez dashboards, companies in the airlines industry can easily integrate a completely brandable, rewards and recognition platform into their existing website.

Employees will have access to their personal R&R account, using their own credentials and can see the number of Accoladez currency (points) they have earned at any given point of time.

The platform also provides access to its own MyAccoladez catalog that lists a range of rewards right from products and experiences, of your choosing, that your employees can get by simply redeeming their points.

The catalogue is sorted by gifts available based on their corresponding point value, which make it easier for employees through sort through the options, more easily.

Easy to use R&R dashboards help employees easily keep track of their points on a more regular basis. They will be more driven to keep adding to their reward points by working better, thereby earning more accolades and be eligible for bigger rewards. They feel connected and excited to be a part of their company, which in turn boosts loyalty for their company and brand.