The food industry is driven by quality and consistency. Ensuring the right amount of everything, every time, is a difficult feat to achieve. As such, when your employees do achieve the said and expected consistency, they ought to be rewarded.

Companies in the food industry should specifically ensure retention and consistency of performance in their employees. A well-oiled and well-managed rewards and recognition system can help them achieve that.

MyAccoladez platform can serve as a great tool to keep track of customers who buy from you or dine with you and keep sending them discount coupons or vouchers that they can use on during subsequent visits.

The MyAccoladez platform can help you achieve this differentiation with

Although customers do not directly use the MyAccoladez platform on your website, the front end and back end are both operated by your employees, who can communicate the point status to the customers, or show them their current point status should they enquire.

Employees will have access to their personal R&R account, using their own credentials and can see the number of Accoladez currency (points) they have earned at any given point of time.

Customers can earn points every time they shop with you and redeem the points in exchange of gifts (free dishes/sample hampers).

This will boost customer loyalty by encouraging customers and diners to choose your brand over that of competitors, every time they buy or dine out.

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