Why Are Your Employees Not Responding the Way You Want Them To?

Employee engagement problems

Last few years have seen an unprecedented rise in the adoption of future technologies. Almost every industry, to some extent, has embraced digital transformation into their ecosystem. While organizations are in a race to adopt the finest technologies to optimize their workflow, what they are slowly losing out on is the human touch.

While artificial intelligence might boost efficiency, human intelligence is still needed to ensure 100 percent accuracy and even more crucial in places where empathy is required. For example, customer service is an area which only human can really deliver in a fulfilling manner.

This is what makes employee engagement crucial for success.

If you are noticing a lack of motivation, high attrition, and low efficiency/productivity amongst your employees, it’s time to check if you are inadvertently committing any of the 3 mistakes listed in this article.

 You are not fostering the importance of human connections and recognition

Employee engagement builds confidence amongst employees and boosts commitment towards their organization. High level of engagement leads to higher retention rates, and improved performances benefiting the key stakeholders.

When the employees are engaged in activities above their cadre, they feel optimistic and tend to put in more efforts than usual. Rewards and recognition are a good way to show your employees that you appreciate their hard work making them feel more inspired, motivated, and involved in the success of the organization. 

Lack of employee engagement

 You are yet to optimize your internal processes

As per Business Daily, the 4 things that make an employee unhappy are:

  1. Too many emails
  2. Unnecessary meetings
  3. Lack of breaks
  4. No voice in the company

Meetings in which they are constantly asked for updates or are closely monitored on the number of breaks taken, make them feel unworthy and untrusted. This eventually results in higher absenteeism, more errors, high attrition rate. In a competitive atmosphere, employees need to feel valued, secured, and respected. 

too many meetings and updates drain employees of their motivation.

You are yet to align your employees to your company’s mission, vision, and goals

One of the reasons why a bad taste develops between employees and employers is because the employee’s mission is not aligned to that of the organization’s missionEmployees need to be reminded time-and-again of the organization’s sub-vertical mission of achieving high output. Reminding your employees about your company’s vision and mission through internal communication portals, taking feedback during webinars, and understanding the goals of your employees every quarter can help you chalk out a lasting plan that will help boost morale and retention.


Organizations are expanding globally and need to keep in mind that different geographies entail different types of workforce and that there’s no one-size-fits-all policy that is applicable here. A positive culture leads to a positive word-of-mouth making the organization hold strong ground in the market. 

Rewards and recognition platforms help organizations create tailor-made communication and reward that match the personality, preference, and goals of each individual employee, making them feel valued, trusted and encouraging them to put their best foot forward for themselves and their organization.

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