The end of the year marks a festive mood where all that people want to do is relax and celebrate with their loved ones. The same applies to your employees. After going through a rigorous and stressful year, a much-needed holiday is a must-have for everyone. However, work does not stop on account of the holidays. They might dial down a bit but does not come to an overall halt. So, how do you keep your employees motivated during a time of the year where work becomes the last priority on their list?

Holiday stress and the downward productivity trend

Holidays are not all cheer and fun. A lot is going on in your employees’ lives. They might be hosting their family for elaborate dinners, planning to spend more time with their kids who are home from school and planning travel. Christmas shopping and gifting is not all fun and game either. All these excessive commitments, unrealistic expectations, and financial pressure lead to an insane amount of stress, aptly known as holiday stress. 

This leads to a distracted workforce, high absentee rate, and both combined, it leads to poor productivity. Managers find it extra difficult to get targets achieved and work done during this time of the year. So, we bring to you 3 very easy ways of boosting employee morale and productivity this holiday season and for ones to come. 

Plan and schedule ahead

scheduling before holidays

Holidays can be unpredictable. Weather, workforce availability, logistics, workflow, everything tends to spiral out of control starting end of November. December runs past in a jiffy, but if you look closely, it’s the only month where you need to get a lot done with the limited and unpredictable workforce. Therefore, it makes sense to plan and schedule your workflow and who will work on what, along with contingencies. The last thing your loyal employees want is to their work along with that of their colleagues because the latter has taken leave. After all, they have been snowed in. 

Since work from home has become the “new normal” starting this year, you can incorporate it into your holiday plan and let your employees work from home. This saves them time and expense of travel in and out of the city every day is challenging weather condition. And this means they are going to be thankful to you for being an empathic employer. Just make sure you communicate clearly that productivity goals should not be compromised given the remote work situation. 

Also, try to plan flexible schedules. These will help immensely when you need to accommodate your employees sudden holiday obligations and help them build a healthy work-life balance. 

Bring in Santa

people playing secret Santa in office

Santa’s holiday cheer and thrill are not limited to just kids. Even grown-ups love to receive gifts and surprises and much like kids, they are ever so grateful and happy for their presents. Create a holiday atmosphere at your office, as well. Have your HR team organize “Secret Santa” exchanges that engage every employee and does not cost you at all. You could also have a Christmas decoration competition where groups of 5-8 employees have to come up with stunning Christmas-themed setups. Not only do these activities pump in emotional warmth and cheer into the office atmosphere, but also infuse team-spirit among the employees. Employees will look forward to being a part of these celebrations and look forward to their time in office. This will cut down absenteeism, boost attendance and ensure productivity. 

Reward and recognize them

Picture 4 Employer rewarding employee (alt txt)

The best way to bring out the best in any human being is to recognize their efforts and reward them for the same. Holidays are an excellent time and opportunity to do both. A research conducted by Glassdoor showed that 53% of employees were more likely to continue with their current company if they felt appreciated by their boss. All it takes is a heartfelt note of recognition being handed out at precisely the right time. And if you want to put in your best effort to boost employee motivation and morale, reward them with things that truly matter to them. Cash cards, points and coupons to help them buy what they have been long waiting for is a great way of making them feel valued. They gather points for a job well done and when they have enough, they can redeem it for some wonderful gifts. 

Reward and recognition platforms help you do this easily. Whether you would like to share a note of appreciation, applaud their efforts or reward them for it, reward and recognition platforms make the process a cakewalk. Everything is automated to help bring out the best in your employees. 

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Happy Holidays!

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Keeping Your Employees Motivated During the Holiday Season