5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Rewards and Recognition Platform

Rewards and Recognition

Everybody loves recognition, be it an employee in your organization or a customer using your company’s
product. Rewards and recognition make them feel valued and make them want to invest in the
relationship they have built with your organization.

While you appreciate your employees and customers having a clearly defined set of actions helps to ensure
that you reward and recognize your stakeholders in the right way. A rewards and recognition platform
helps you to keep a tab on these actions and to improvise them as per the changing markets and needs of your stakeholders.

A strong rewards and recognition program is the backbone of a good customer and employee relationship and is important for the exponential growth of your organization. While there are many rewards and recognition platforms in the market currently, here’s a guide to help you choose the very best among them that suit your organization’s particular requirements. 

Here are 5 things that you consider when choosing a rewards and recognition platform for your organization.

Automation is the key

Automation is the present and the future of any platform. Your rewards and recognition platform is no exception. The platform should be automated to the core to reduce admin time and boost the productivity of both, the employees and the managers. By automating most of the processes, such as sending a note of appreciation, ability to send a customized gift voucher straight from the manager’s dashboard, you can focus more on in personal engagement and building a collaborative culture.


Your rewards and recognition platform should be simple yet innovative. For example, it should be able to provide users with 24*7 access to data through a user-friendly dashboard. 

Rewards and Recognition Platform

A unified platform

When you have teams across geographies, you will need to find a platform that helps them collaborate and integrate their rewards and recognition efforts, seamlessly. It should be as simple to use as having the entire team in one single place. Removing boundaries and helping employees collaborate easily and work closely should be one of the major pluses in any rewards and recognition platform. Find a platform which would be able to work in tandem with global teams, across geographies and time zones. 

Flexible and Scalable

Change is the only constant and there is always a scope of improvement in this dynamic world. Hence, to be constantly leading the change and putting the best foot forward your organization will need a platform that is flexible and scalable, so that even when you start small, you have the room to grow your program in the future. 

Seamless Integration

Every organization has a different ask and has numerous systems in place which keeps it going. Whenever a new system/ platform is brought in, it is made sure that the efficiency and the effectiveness of the already existing solution doesn’t go down. Similar is the case for a rewards and recognition platform. It should not only be cost-effective but should also allow seamless integration with your current business processes avoiding errors or complications.

To conclude, rewards and recognition platforms are not a choice anymore, they are a necessity. Your employees, customers, channel partners, and sales personnel, need to feel motivated and appreciated as they invest their time and effort into your organization. Your rewards and recognition platform should be built to create the right set of experiences for each one of them. It should be flexible and scalable and at the same time should adapt to your already existing organizational platforms to make it a hassle-free experience.

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